Welcome to my WordPress site.

I have been working as a photographer since 2005, developing a passion for this visual art form when I was in high school. In my previous role I started taking photos as a side activity while traveling and caught the attention of several people I worked with. Through a pure chance meeting years later and conversation in a hallway, I was fortunate enough to have been given a doorway to walk through which led me to being able to work full time taking pictures. To be a professional photographer, historian and world explorer.

Now, after 14 years, I want there to be another aspect to my photography, a depth that I find myself exploring through writing and video. I look for things that catch my eye. New life opportunities, to experience and see things that perhaps only small circles of people get to see or know about. The interesting activities taking place daily. I particularly enjoy meeting people and getting to know what it is that they are involved in – be it an engaging occupation, an after hours skein of their life that makes them who they are or just working in an exciting, sometimes out of the way locations. I want to tell their story.

My aim is to work freelance, offering the ability to write, take photographs and video for publishing or online content.

Through my wordpress site I aim to share some of my experiences, passing on stories for others to enjoy.

Rob Nyffenegger

NOTE: All content on my Word Press, Instagram or Facebook sites are copyright and is not to be reproduced in whole or part, either in hard form publication or as online content without written and signed permission from myself, Rob Nyffenegger prior to its use. Thank-you for respecting copyright.

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