TAFE Diary – Entry for Week 9

Again, this post covers off on several weeks – from 5 – 9, the end of the first half of the semester.

More assessment tasks completed, more Radio GaGa shows to air and Foto PhreakZ photographic tips developing into a weekly segment to aid in passing on basic tips to people that are interested. Episodes one and two have covered off on file handling and the importance of backing up data as well as equipment. Further instalments are in the pipeline with episode three going into basic photographic rules of composition.

Writing assessments have been completed and submitted. Video editing tasks done and submitted on the student drive, though some technical issues prevented an easy modification to the video editing task of “My Commute,” with tweaks suggested by the instructor to cut down on the overall length. Due to the timing and other assessment tasks, I ran out of time to redo the edit and submit the trimmed version as I wanted to. Still, the video was completed and overall happy with what was put together, even with a couple of odd stills that seemed to have been re-framed. Not certain what happened in the project to cause that…

During Radio GaGa sessions, I have done a couple of timelapse videos as a behind the scene task, editing one with a graphic and the background music

First graphic for Foto PhreakZ!

Canva graphic for Foto PhreakZ! segment – Episode 1

Canva graphic for the Foto PhreakZ! segment – Episode 2

Have had several thoughts on the writing assessment – Human Interest piece. Will have that subject decided within the next day and have been working on a couple of particular ideas for this. Both ideas will be completed – one for assessment, the other as an extra.

The second half of the semester began with classes today working towards the assessment for the excursion to Newtown next Wednesday, working with a partner and story boarding an idea. Writing covered the next assessment (Human Interest task) and a quick 400 word story in class for reading and feedback by Nick at end of class session. Done and to submit on the student drive area.

And so ends another TAFE Diary entry. More to follow soon.

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